QLandkarte GT is distributed as » source code by the author. However there are several binary distributions. For detailed information on installing and compiling QLandkarte see the » wiki pages.


There are binaries for Windows on the official Sourceforge » download site.


There are binaries for OS X (big and little endian) on the official Sourceforge » download site.


Many major Linux distributions (Red Hat, SuSE,...) have QLandkarte within their package distribution system. Simply have a look at your package manager. Distributions based on Debian, e.g. Ubuntu always lack a recent version. Thus Ubuntu users should have a look » here.

If your distribution does not provide QLandkarte GT in the latest version you can compile it yourself. Make sure you have installed:

To compile the project extract the source archive in a temporary path:

tar xvf qlandkartegt-XXX.targz

Alternatively you can check-out the bleeding edge via subversion:

svn checkout svn://svn.code.sf.net/p/qlandkartegt/code/QLandkarteGT/trunk qlandkartegt

Create a build path in parallel to the source path:

mkdir build_qlandkarte
cd build_qlandkarte

Use CMake to create the makefiles:

cmake ../qlandkartegt

If cmake does not report errors you can compile and install the project:

sudo make install